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About Our Communities

Friendly Atmosphere

As you drive by you will always notice neighbors talking to neighbors or friends talking to friends, couples walking with couples and no matter who you are they will stop their conversation and wave to you passing by. Its not to hard to meet neighbors that will easily become friends because the people are so nice , outgoing and truly want to meet you. The friendly atmosphere is created by the people who live there and its just a joy to be part of that atmosphere every day.

Home Sites/ Entrances

Our Home sites are carefully crafted to maximize useable space within the site. Our Home sites are large enough to accommodate a 3 or 4 bedroom size home. We try to engineer each house on a particular home site that will meet the demands of the lot and be well proportioned on the lot. Also we try to save every tree possible in our communities. This will create more natural screening , but will also be more appealing as you drive by. Our entrances are always well light and kept flowered and looking extremely presentable.We make sure that the sign is painted routinely and is large enough to see.

Quashnet Valley Estates | Mashpee Home Builder

Innovative Designs

Our innovate custom home designs are always changing to meet the demands of our customers today. We are constantly at the drawing board thinking every day on how to better our designs whether that be the floor plan or the exterior of the home. We design our homes to meet the trends of today and for the years to come making our homes timeless.We make sure that our designs have curb appeal because the exterior is just as important as the interior. We want to make every exterior have a certain unique quality that cant be duplicated and personalize your home. We also want to make every home appealing and is trimmed out nicely as you drive by or walk by grabbing the attention of your neighbor.

“Trust the Prime Homes experience and let’s start a lifelong friendship”