Tips for Building a Custom Home

Custom Kitchen | Cape Cod Custom Built HomeYou’ve decided you want to build a custom home on Cape Cod. A home with the exact closet and storage space you need. You see a gourmet kitchen with a walk-in pantry. You want a guest suite. You know what you want and your wish list is long. Where do you start?

Long before the foundation is poured for your dream house, you will have made hundreds of decisions, and there will be more. By planning ahead, you can avoid costly mistakes.

Here’s Prime Homes and Realty’s checklist for building your custom home:

Select the Land
You have to choose the land you want to build on before you decide on a floor plan or any of the other details for your new custom built home.

Hire a Good Team of Professionals
By hiring an architect, designer, builder and supplier, such as Prime Homes and Realty, you will have confidence from start to finish that your ideas will result in the home you have in mind. Choose people you trust, respect and whom you work well with.

When Construction Begins
We will be your primary contact.
Here are some tips to help make your custom home building project go smoothly:

  • Do your part.
    We will be give you a timetable for selecting products. Stick to it to avoid delays of products that need to be delivered at certain phases of construction.
  • Stay on budget.
    The idea that you are only going to do this once sets in and you start upgrading when it’s not in the original budget. Instead, write down the product information and buy it later.
  • The job site.
    We know you want to see the progress at the job site, but please, don’t bother our construction workers. Write down your questions and discuss them with us directly.
  • Realistic time line.
    There are many things beyond our control that may cause delays. The weather, delayed approvals or late deliveries are just a few of the things that can effect your time line.
  • The Learning Curve.
    Take the time to learn about the new appliances, products and systems installed in your new custom built home. Maintenance of them will be important.

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